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Dodecaeder (Code: 6000)

Price: 2201.50 EUR
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omnidirectional soundsource soundsource according to DIN 140.

Such a loudspeaker is used in room and building acoustics.


  • Passive (no power amplifier included): power rating ca. 600 Watt
  • low weight due to neodyme drivers (ca. 8Kg)
  • Impedance: ca. 10 Ohm
  • max SPL: ca. 120 dB with wideband signal (20Hz - 20kHz)
  • Frequency range: 80Hz - 6,3kHz
  • Radiation pattern: sphere according to ISO140
  • Size: Diameter ca. 400 mm
  • Tripod mount
  • Connector: 4-pol. Speakon (Neutrik)