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Plug-in Datalogger (Artikelnummer: 3027)

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This plug-in is useful for doing long-term measurements or automatic (script based) measurements. Applications are e.g. SPL measurements over a longer period at traffic roads or concerts etc.

At an user definable time WinAudioMLS writes all real-time measurements to a file. This file is purely text based, so it can be imported to any other program easily. Here is one example log in conjunction with the octave filter RTA. Every 6s the measurement of the 5 bands are written to the file.

Our real-time analyzer includes a longterm measurement as well. This different module is GUI based and stores all parameters which are relevant for noise analysis. In contrast this plug-in is designed for simplicity.

Datalogger by www.dr-jordan-design.de

Monday, May 05, 2013 05/05/13 21:31:08

Samplerate=44100; FFT length=8192


Window type=Hamming; Weighting=A

Measurement intervall=6000.0ms

DC filter off

time [ms] 125Hz[dB]   250Hz[dB]   500Hz       1000Hz[dB] 2000Hz[dB]

0     -115.099760 -107.835270   -98.826216 -94.191654 -88.959205 

6000  -116.058918 -104.608148 -100.113856 -93.172547 -89.863543 

12000-117.414457 -105.789510   -99.294858 -92.773128 -88.587595 

18000-119.827119 -106.335330   -99.618507 -93.448226 -89.609629 

24000-116.577741 -104.463160   -99.118663 -94.226680 -88.914247 

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