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Akulap Modulation Analysis (Artikelnummer: 3303024)

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Akulap Modulation Analysis


Akulap modulation analysis module allows analyzing the envelope spectra of audio signals. You can scan the whole audio band for modulated signals. Mainly amplitude modulation (AM) is used, but Akulap can demodulate FM as well.


The most widely analysis is a 3D plot (modulation spectrum vs. band). It varies the carrier and modulation frequency and shows the modulation degree.


Modulation analysis is a broader approach than the psycho-acoustical parameters roughness and fluctuation strength. Modulation covers a wider frequency range, including roughness and fluctuation strength, and does not add psycho-acoustical weighting.


With Akulap you can select a range from an audio recording and perform the analysis.


The following signal is a pure sine modulated carrier with 2kHz. The modulation signal is also a pure sine with a frequency of 30Hz. Modulation degree is 0.09


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