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FPGA Data recorder / player ####end-of-life (Artikelnummer: 30050)

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High Speed Digital USB Streaming Solutions


This product is end of life.

We offer a very flexible digital signal capture and (re-)play system.

The signal capture system does live data recording and forwards the data to the hard drive of a standard PC for storage. The file format is open, so the captured data can be analyzed and modified.

With the signal playback system, both previously recorded and offline generated data streams can be converted (back) into digital signal sequences, thus representing the previously recorded data.

The following digital streaming formats are supported

  • I²S (including a second data line)
  • synchronous serial interfaces (SPI, …)
  • synchronous parallel interfaces (A/D converter output, ...)
  • other formats upon request

Data transfer rates of up to 30 MByte/s can be achieved. Playback and recording is limited only by the size of the hard disk of the PC.

The system consists of a standard PC (typically a small laptop), with selectable hard disk size and operating system (Windows, Linux). The signal converter board is connected to that PC via USB and draws all power from it. A separate power supply is not necessary. Via the add-on board, the electrical connection to the digital interface is implemented.

A simple command line executable can be used to start either a recording or a (continuously wrapping) playback session. While these simple executables are sufficient for most use cases, a more flexible control library can be provided upon request.

Technical characteristics:

  • Streaming data rates:    up to 30 MByte/s
  • Data storage: up to 1 TByte
  • Digital signal speed: up to 50 MHz
  • Digital signal level: 3.3V (for other voltages, buffering or voltage dividers can be used)
  • Operating system support: Windows 7 or above, Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (other distributions upon request)

Package contains

  • programmed FPGA system board
  • 10" netbook turnkey installed
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