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Software Package for room acoustics ISO3382 (Code: 1998)

Price: 773.50 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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Software Package for room acoustics


  • Room impulse response measurement with MLS and LOG-Sweep (Chirp)
  • Measurements via impulse excitation orswitched noise are supported
  • Export and import of room impulse responses via .wav files
  • Plot of energy decay curve (Schroeder plot)
  • Configurable to measure RT60, RT30, EDT (Early Decay Time) and others
  • Measurement of clarity and definition
  • Selection of average range directly at the Schroeder plot using mouse
  • Long term level (LEQ)
  • RTA with 1/1-1/32 octave resolution


This package includes the following components

  • WinAudioMLS PRO
  • Signalgenerator PRO
  • Plug-in Reverberation IEC 3382
  • Plug-in 1/1-1/32 octave RTA
  • USB-Dongle

To build a complete system, you will need a measurement microphone and other hardware. Please contact us for details.


Options: Plug-in Speech intellegibility  STI+STIPA  IEC 60268-16 (RASTI is available in the Akulap product line)