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Plug-in ASIO 192kHz 24bits (Code: 3000)

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Expand your measurement system to 24Bit and 192kHz Samplerate via ASIO

The normal multimedia interface (MME) supports 2 channels with 16 bits resolution. Although it allows to transfer audio with CD-quality it lacks of certain functions. The platform independent ASIO interface introduced by Steinberg solved several issues.    no limitations on sample rates. Currently, up to 192 kHz is used.

  • support for multi channel input and output
  • full duplex
  • high resolution up to 64 bits per sample
  • low latency

This interface is supported by most professional audio software like editors, synthesizers etc.

High quality soundcards have many features beyond the traditional 16 bit interface. The high resolution modes are mostly available via ASIO, only. Consequently, audio analyzers that support the old 16 bit interface only, limit  the precision and resolution that are available by the hardware.

WinAudioMLS supports the ASIO 2.0 interface to sample with up to 192kHz and 24 bits. In addition with ASIO the input and output is synchronous. WinAudioMLS can address multiple ASIO devices individually.


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