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Plug-in Filter-Designer (Code: 3016)

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Filter designer


This flexible digital filter allows filtering the input signal of the analyzer. In addition you can also integrate this filter to the signal generator.

For example you can remove any signals below 100Hz and focus to the range from 100Hz to 3000Hz. All other frequencies are removed and not considered for calculation.

You can freely define both the low and high cut frequency.

With the ability of the signal generator to play .wav files you can also filter these .wav files while playback.

This feature is widely used to generate narrow-band noise.

Filter characteristics

  • Butterworth
  • Chebychev
  • Elliptic


Filter types


  • low pass
    All signals below the cut-off frequency are removed
  • high pass
    All signals above the cut-off frequency are removed
  • band pass
    Only a frequency range remains
  • band stop
    A frequency range is removed. e.g. Hum shall not considered for THD+N calculation

The filter can be cascaded to get more steep filters

Configuration dialog box

Filter configuration

You can also export the filter frequency response as an overlay.

Example measurement with white noise as the input and the settings from above.

This picture shows the live frequency response measurement and the original filter curve.




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