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Plug-in VST Host (Code: 3021)

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VST plug-in support 

The VST interface from Steinberg is a widely used plug-in interface for audio processing applications There a numerous plug-ins available either commercial or freeware. These includes many different filters or many other audio effects. The interface is well documented and source code examples are available from many sources.

The VST host for WinAudioMLS allows including the large number of available VST-Plug-ins into the signal chain of WinAudioMLS. There are several main applications:

First, you can use your VST plug-ins directly in WinAudioMLS to increase the measurement capabilities. Furthermore you can easily create your own audio processing plug-ins. 

Second, you can use the powerful features of WinAudioMLS during development to analyze your own VST plug-ins which are intended for other applications.

Please note that WinAudioMLS supports effect VST plug-ins, only. Synthesizer plug-ins are not supported.

WinAudioMLS allows to load up to 10 plug-ins in parallel. You can use the internal effect editor of each plug-in, or you can use the text-based parameter of WinAudioMLS. This editor gives you additional information about internal parameter of the plug-in.


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