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Wow and Flutter (Code: 3014)

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Speed analysis tool plug-in (speedalyzer)

This tool allows versatile analysis of rotating system. The output is a graph that shows the frequency deviation over time with high resolution. This allows to easily identify variations of the speed. You can monitor high speed variations (flutter), low speed variations (wow) and very low speed variations (drifts). Time analysis window can be milliseconds to hours.


  1. Rotating machines analysis: High speed fluctuations might indicate damaged bearings. Monitoring the idle speed of a engine verifies control components
  2. Tape machines wow&flutter analysis. This plug-in measures according to IEC60386 with 3kHz and 3.15kHz
  3. Alerting: WinAudioMLS can monitor the speed and create alert events if adjustable conditions are met.




  • Free center frequency within the bandwidths of your input device
  • Adjustable band pass filters for the input signal to reduce noise
  • Weighting of the output signal according to CCIR 408 for tape wow&flutter analysis
  • Adjustable filters for the output signal
  • All processing is performed in real-time.




We offer this plug-in with two variations.

The first is limited for tape analysis according to IEC60386 with 3kHz and 3.15kHz

  • wow&flutter analysis
  • filters for wow 0.3-6Hz and flutter 6-200Hz.
  • peak display
  • weighting

The second bigger solution is not limited to any input frequency.

You find more information and measurement examples here

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