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production test/ quality assurance (Code: 3018)

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With this module you can run pre-defined tests as productions tests for quality assurance.

For details please refer to this production test manual

With the default production test you can check the following parameters:

  • Frequency response
  • Noise and distortion THD+N
  • Harmonic distortion THD
  • Sensitivity
  • Balance
  • Polarity

For each test you can define various limits

Frequency response via MLS

This test measures the complete frequency responses within fractions of second. It uses pseude noise signals (MLS) as a stimulus signal. Allthough it is possible to measure the frequency response with single tones, MLS is much faster. With a single tone measurement the generator has to be set to a certain frequency. Then the signal has to stabilize. This requires at least 100ms per step. With the MLS technique you get a frequency response at e.g  2048points within 200ms. With single tone measurements this would take minutes.


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