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Measurements in our lab with Audio Precision APX555 (Code: 9012)

Price: 236.81 EUR
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Measurement services with our APX555 in our LAB for your devices

Typical devices are (pre)-amplifiers, ADC/DAC, filters, analog, digital, soundcards etc.

Today the APx555 from Audio Precision, is the most advanced audio analyzer worldwide. This System allows ultra-low distortion and ultra low noise measurements.

This report shows a self-test with input and output connected with an balanced XLR cable.



  • Residual THD+N (22 kHz BW) -117 dB +1.0 μV
  • Typically < -120 dB (1 kHz, 2.0 V)


  • sine Frequency Range 0.001 Hz - 204 kHz
  • Frequency Accuracy 3 ppm
  • Flatness (5 Hz - 20 kHz) ±0.008 dB


  • Maximum Bandwidth > 1 MHz
  • Amplitude Flatness (10 Hz - 20 kHz) ±0.008 dB
  • Residual Input Noise (22 kHz BW) ≤ 1.0 μVrms

Since not every developer owns this ultimate measurement system, we offer measurements on your devices as a service. Why should you qualify your devices with low end audio analyzers?

You ship your DUT (device under test) to us, we perform all measurements in our LAB, we ship the DUT back to you, together with a report.

This quote is limited to electrical measurements (analog or digital),  but does not include loudspeakers or microphones (this would be acoustical measurments).

The report will include 5 measurement parameters for 2 channels.

In addition, and on request, we can perform very complex measurements. Please contact us for details.

Of course, we handle the measurement results confidentially. We do not publish anything.


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