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1/2” Measuring Microphone MM 210 Gefell (Code: 7500)

Price: 1499.00 EUR
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The current powered 1/2” Measuring Microphone MM 210 offers facilities for the use of a high-quality electret measuring microphone type MK 250 on multi-channel systems. Typical applications like array arrangements and covered area measuring procedures, e.g. automotive acoustics, can be taken into account.
The measuring microphone is connected to the usual current powered measuring channels such as *ICP and *Delta Tron via BNC cable. The microphone holder MH 64 with 1/2” clamp is recommended for mounting. Due to the equality of mechanical construction to conventional 1/2” measuring microphones the 1/2” measuring microphone accessories, e.g. windscreen, nose cone, dehumidifier, etc. can be used. Please check the appropriate data sheets.
The measuring microphone can be calibrated with the Pistonphone type 5002 or other current sound pressure calibrators.
The integrated memory for microphone identification is one of the outstanding features. Microphone data can be entered and read by the manufacturer/user (IEEE P1451.4 TEDS editor).

1/2” Measuring Microphone MM 210
Constant current powered measuring microphone preamplifier MV 210 with electret condenser microphone capsule type MK 250 and memory for microphone identification.

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