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1/4” Measuring Microphone Capsule class 1 MTG MK301E (Code: 7502)

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 1/4” Measuring Microphone Capsule class 1 MTG MK301E


The 1/4” measuring microphone cartridge MK 301 E is designed for acoustical measurements in research and development and also for industrial use. Some applications include audiology, the measurement of building acoustics and noise levels.

The microphone cartridge has a fixed layer of backelectret to supply the polarization voltage.

It is designed and very carefully constructed to ensure excellent long-time stability of the electroacoustical parameters. All essential components including the diaphragm are made of nickel and the diaphragm is bonded by a special galvanic process. The rear electrode is insulated from the cartridge housing by a quartz glass plate. The diaphragm is protected against mechanical damage by a protection grid. The equalization of the static air pressure between the inside and outside of the cartridge is by means of a capillary tube rear-vented into the preamplifier.

The cartridge uses the international standard thread 60 UNS which ensures compatibility with a wide range of calibration equipment and measurement devices available from many manufactures.

The measuring microphone cartridge MK 301 is designed for sound level meters of IEC Type 1 according to IEC 61672.


Technical data

  • Transducer type Capacitive pressure transducer
  • Frequency range 5 Hz to 100 kHz (± 2 dB)
  • open-circuit Sensitivity 3,5 mV/Pa
  • Open-circuit Sensitivity re 1 V/Pa -49 dB ±1,5 dB re 1V/Pa
  • Max. SPL for 3% THD at 1 kHz 168 dB
  • Inherent noise with preamplifier MV 203 36 dBA
  • Polarization voltage 0 V
  • Capacitance at 1 kHz 4,5 pF
  • Operating temperature range - 20 °C bis +100 °C
  • Main ambient temperature coefficient ≤ 0,01 dB/K
  • Main ambient pressure coefficient -1 x 10⁻⁵ dB/Pa
  • Diameter without protection grid 6,35 mm ± 0,02 mm
  • with protection grid 7,0 mm ± 0,02 mm
  • Height 9,7 mm
  • Weight 2 g
  • Preamplifier thread 5,7 mm 60 UNS
  • Protection grid thread 6,35 mm 60 UNS


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