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USB measurement Microphone MiniDSP UMIK 1 (Code: 6530)

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USB Measurement  Microphone MiniDSP UMIK-1

You can connect this USB measurement microphone directly to your computer via USB.

  • No sound card, power supply, etc. is required.
  • No drivers are required

Simply connect it and start measuring

The UMIK-1 uses a 1/4" capsule in a 1/2" body. The capsule is permanently attached and cannot be replaced.

Due to the small capsule size, the self-noise is about 31dBA (see picture in the gallery).

The microphone is well suited for level measurements in the 50-105dB range. It is  not suitable for measurements in quiet areas. You can clearly see USB interference (1kHz and harmonics) in the spectrum (see picture in the gallery). These interferences lead to the well-known "chirping". For room acoustic measurements, however, this is irrelevant.

main application are

  • Room acoustic measurements with chirpan excitation (due to the low MAX SPL level not via impulse measurement)
  • loudspeaker development
  • PA/room measurements

Technical specifications:

  • 1/4" capsule
  • Self-noise 31dBA
  • max SPL 105dB
  • Omnidirectional
  • Sampling rate 48kHz


A regular sound level calibrator with a 1/2" diameter can be connected directly. In contrast to the Beyerdynamik MM1, no adapters are required.

This microphone has a 1/4" capsule with low sensitivity. This system is therefore only suitable for levels from approx. 50dB in order to have a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio.

For measurements with an inherent noise of 16dB(A) you need our modular 1/2" USB microphone ATD4S or ATD5T.



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