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USB measurement Microphone for Akulap (Code: 6533)

Price: 702.10 EUR
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USB Measurement  Microphone for Measurements with Akulap

You can connect this USB measurement microphone directly to your computer via USB.

  • No sound card, power supply, etc. is required.

So just connect and start measuring

This microphione uses a 1/2 "capsule with an industry standard thread 60UNS. Therefore, the capsule can easily be exchanged if necessary. (Capsules with 200V are not supported)

Due to the 1/2 "capsule size, the self-noise is around 19dB (A).


Main application are in conjunction with Akulap

  • Sound level measurements
  • Room acoustic measurements with chirp excitation
  • Building acoustics

Technical specifications:

  • 1/2 "capsule
  • Self-noise typ. 19dBA
  • max SPL 120dB
  • Omnidirectional
  • Sampling rates 44.1kHz and 48kHz
  • Maximum input voltage 500mV RMS
  • USB Audio Class 2 compliant
  • 32-bit USB audio transfer
  • Requires Windows 8/10/11
  • Supports ASIO

The microphone package includes the driver sotware, only. Additional software is not included in the delivery.

Content of the package

  • USB measurement microphone
  • 1/2 "capsule
  • USB cable
  • clamp

A normal sound level calibrator with a 1/2 "diameter can be connected directly.

This microphone has a 1/2 "capsule with high sensitivity. Therefore, this system is also suitable for low-noise measurements.

The capsule is classified according to IEC61672-1 class 2. We also offer suitable class 1 capsules on request.

For measurements with very high levels you need our modular 1/2 "USB microphone ATD5T, which can measure levels of 10V RMS instead of 0.5V RMS, so that the level range is extended by 26dB upwards. Note the limitation of the capsule if necessary.


Optimized for Akulap

This USB microphone is optimized for Akulap and includes a license mannagement system. No extra USB key required




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