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Akulap the measurment system for room and building acoustics and noise measurments (Code: )

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AkuLap is a powerful tool for measuring acoustical parameters with a PC. By using the PC environment, it is not only a cost efficient replacement for classical laboratory equipment. AkuLap offers more powerful features combined with a comfortable user interface. Typical applications are in the area of audio-measurements with focus to room acoustics, building acoustics and noise measurement. AkuLap uses highly sophisticated techniques like „Maximum Lenght Sequences“ MLS or LOG-sweep (Chirp) to measure reverberation parameters fast and reliable.
By using small notebooks or tablet PCs , you can easily build a mobile measurement system.

We offer different measurement interfaces. It start from compact USB interfaces to high end capsules from major brands e.g. Bruel&Kjaer, GRAS, PCB etc


This article is just a basic description, you can't buy it in the shop. Instead you can buy Akulap base package and other plug-ins in our web shop.


Akulap applications

  • Sound level measurments
  • noise monitoring
  • long term analysis
  • room acoustics according to DIN/ISO 3382
  • building acoustics according to DIN/ISO 140 ISO 717


AkuLap features:

  • PC basaed measurement system for acoustical parameters
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • You can use it on differnt platforms e.g. (Notebooks, Netbooks, Tablet PC.....)
  • Works with differnt measurmeent interfaces
  • We offer compact USB measurement microphones class 1 and 2

We offer diffent modules for AkuLap:

  • module room acoustics ISO3382
  • module ISO3382-3 (large office)
  • module building acoustics
  • module long-term analysis
  • module ultra sonic up to 500kHz
  • module psycho acoustics: Loudness in Sone DIN 45631/A1 ISO 532-1, Specific Loudness, Loudness time-invariant ISO 532B (classical Zwicker Model), Sharpness DIN 45692
    Tonal components DIN 45681+IEC61400-11, Roughness (Daniel & Weber), Impulsiveness,
    Modulation analysis AM/FM
    GMW18141 and GMW14155: Laboratory Evaluation of Mechanical Sounds Produced by Electrical Switches. This procedure describes a laboratory method for evaluating component sound quality metrics for automotive customer actuated switches. It is applicable for any physical switches used by vehicle occupants to actuate specific functions, such as toggle switches, push buttons, rockers, etc.
    ECMA 418-1 Annex B ITT equipment Part 1 (prominent discrete tones)

System requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 32+64 Bit
  • Microphone


Demo version

User manual AkuLap

Flyer Psycho-Akustik

Background informationen:

Precision of 1/3 octave filters according to IEC1260

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