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Akulap Modul DSP Filter (Code: 3303060)

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Akulap Modul DSP Filter

Akulap supports various digital filters, which can be included in the signal chain.


Operation mode

There are two ways of operation:

1) Real-time during sampling. This filtering mode is permananent.

2) During post-processing you can filter the measurement. This operation mode has no effect to the oroginal measurenent. It is non-destructive.


Filter options

There are the following filter options:
1) Highpass, lowpass, bandpass and bandstop with adjustable order. Butterworth, Chebychev and elliptic filters are supported
2) Second order Equalizer filter with adjustable gain, Q-factor and center frequency

For each filter type you can build a cascade of 10 filters, which allows even comp

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