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Akulap 64 Bit (Code: 3303062)

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Akulap native 64 bit


Akulap is written entirely in C ++ and is therefore very efficient with your system resources. In the normal version, it can be run as a 32-bit program under all modern Windows versions (including 64-bit). Especially with long level measurements, the usable memory is limited to 1-2GB. This limit is independent of the memory that you have physically installed on your system.

Only a "real" - native 64bit program can use all of this memory.


  • Akulap can use all system memory
  • Akulap is twice as fast as the 32bit version. This is particularly evident when analyzing .wav files and long-term measurements, which are very computationally intensive.


You receive the 64bit version parallel to the 32bit version with your activated modules/plug-ins.

These following modules are available in 64-Bit:

  • ASIO
  • external measurement interfaces from Datatranslation
  • 3D real-time display



Some functions are only available in the 32-bit version. These are currently:

  • external measurement interfaces like Picosope.
  • VST-Plug-ins





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