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Akulap Module Multi-channel (Code: 3303064)

Akulap Multichannel

Akulap can measure up to 64 channels simultaneously.

You need dedicated frontends/measurement interfaces for this. 

We support differnt vendors e.g. Datatranslation or Picocope

Our main focus is support for series of Data Translation. e.g. DT9857, DT9837, DT9847.


Measurements in test benches often require measurements at several positions. This is particularly the case with measurements for sound power using the surface method. In some cases you can also measure with one channel.: You need to set up the microphone and perform the measurement. Then the microphone is moved to a new position and the measurement is repeated. This procedure is very time-consuming and error-prone. This method only works if the measurement conditions are reproducible.

It is much more elegant and time-saving to carry out the measurements simultaneously. At this point we would like to highlight the frontends from Datatranslation, which have proven themselves in the professional industrial environment for a long time:

  • up to 64 channels
  • Sampling rates up to 200kHz per channel
  • Switchable measuring ranges
  • Switchable supply for sensors/microphones ICP/IEPE
  • Connection via USB
  • Stable support for drivers since decades
  • Integration into Akulap


We would be happy to make you an indivdual quote, that is tailored to your requirements.



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