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Extended acoustic (Code: 1104)

Price: 79.00 EUR
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Package for measuring room acoustics e.g. reverberation time according to DIN/ISO 3382.

This package is ideal for any educational, non commercial or hobby application. 

You will get a high performance audio measurement system covering almost any application in the area of room acoustics at an affordable price.

This package includes measurements with the most advanced "chirp" measurment. You can also measure speech intelligibility according to IEC60268-16.

In contrast to many "FFT analyzers" you can find as "shareware", we use a real multi-rate filter bank, which fulfills all requirements to IEC1260 class 0. This includes time domain behavior and frequency response. This makes the difference to a simple bar graph display.

This version is technically not limited compared to the commercial version. It just contains a text "non commercial" in all plots. 


STIPA is included from 250 to 8000Hz. RASTI is not included.


WinAudioMLS PRO #1720
Plug-in reverberation DIN ISO 3382 #3003
Plug-in Octav+1/3 cctave RTA #3004
Plug-In IEC60268-16 STI/RASTI/STIPA #3009
Signal Generator PRO #1201
USB-Dongle #2001
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