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Plug-in Psychoacoustics Loudness/Sone (Code: 3303025)

Price: 1309.00 EUR
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Measurements according to Zwicker, DIN 45631, ISO 532 B



  • Loudness in Sone according to Zwicker, DIN 45631, ISO 532 B
  • Loudness vs. time
  • Graphical selection
  • Percentile N5/N95
  • Easy reporting

This modul includes the classical loudness for stationary signals. e.g. fans etc. You can calculate the loudness vs. time, but it does not include temporal effects.

If you need to analyse time-variant signals including temporal effects (DIN45631/A1 ISO532-1), we offer the module psychoacoustics II.

In addition, we offer moduls to display psycho-acoustics measurements vs . shaker frequency. You will need a dual channel acquisition module and the software module "measurement vs excitation frequency".

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