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AkuLap module building acoustics ISO 140/ 717, ISO/DIN 16283-1 (Code: 3303019)

Price: 1844.50 EUR
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Software AkuLap Module building acoustics ISO 140 / ISO 16283-1

Requires Module Noise and room acoustics

  • Sound isolation according to ISO 140 and ISO 16283-1
  • Includes wizard for fast and easy measurments. Training phase is very short. Automatic error detection
  • Report generator complies to DIN EN ISO 717-1/ 2
  • C, Ctr and CI
  • R’w, DnTw, L’nw, L’nTw, etc.
  • Includes a room manager to structure all measurements and results
  • Average of different measurment positions
  • Graphical and numerical results
  • Combine several results to one Multi-plot
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