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Complete psycho-acoustic measurement suite for the APX framework (Code: 75004)

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Complete psycho-acoustic measurement suite for the APX framework

Audio Precision offers a powerful framework - the APX software - for automatic audio measurements. This software supports the following devices: APX555, APX515, APX525, APX585 and the new APX flex for ASIO compatible sound cards.

In addition to many built-in measurement functions, the plug-in interface in the 'Sequence Mode' of the APX software enables the modular loading of extended functions.

Akulap is powerful audio analysis software that covers a wide range of audio measurement technology.

The field of psycho-acoustic measurement technology (Zwicker et. al. invented the basics decades ago) has gained in importance in recent years.

Therefore we offer a powerful psycho-acoustic model as a plugin for the APX family, which calculates a wide range of psycho-acoustic parameters.
This plugin fits seamlessly into the Sequence Mode, so that you can use all measurement functions and analysis of the APX software. The loudness calculation is done in the background with Akulap.

This package calculates the following parameters:

  • Loudness in Sone DIN 45631/A1 ISO 532-1, multi-channel
  • Specific Loudness
  • Loudness time-invariant ISO 532B (classical Zwicker Model), multi-channel
  • SPL A-weighting Fast
  • Sharpness DIN 45692
  • Tonal components DIN 45681
  • Roughness (Daniel & Weber)
  • Impulsiveness
  • Percentile
  • Spectrogram (with external picture view), multi-channel



  • APX Software from Audio Precision
  • APX audio analyzer

Package includes:


  • Psycho-acoustics plugin
  • USB key
  • user manual
  • test signals




you can find an video showing the APX plugins in action here:


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