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software bundle for measuring electric systems (Code: 1999)

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Bundle for Measuring (Pre)-Amplifiers

This bundle is optimized for amplifier testing. We recommend it for the following group of devices:

  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Power-amplifiers
  • Soundcards AD/DA converter
  • Tube-amplifiers
  • Sound control devices
  • Filter 



With it's 192kHz and 24Bit high dynamic modes WinAudioMLS is designed for high-end systems.

ASIO 192khz 24 Bit

With the following bundle you can perform all typical measurements:


  • Distortion THD vs. Frequency or Level
  • THD+N vs. Frequency or Level
  • Intermodulation IMD
  • Analysis of individual harmonics
  • Frequency, phase, impulse and step response
  • THD, THD+N vs. frequency and level
  • Harmonics vs.frequency and level
  • Group delay
  • Impedance
  • Measurements with MLS, Chirp and stepped sines
  • Dual channel processing
  • Spectrogram
  • Oscilloscope




Setup to measure amplifiers



You will only require a PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows and a suitable soundcard. In case you want to measure power-amplifiers, you will need an attanuator to reduce the signal level.


The bundle contains the following modules. All components have been carefully selected.





WinAudioMLS PRO EX #1721
Signal Generator PRO 24 Bit #1224
Plug-in ASIO 192kHz 24bits #3000
Plug-in Freq.+Level Sweep #3001
Plug-in 64-bit FFT #3005
Dongle #2001


For measurements with phono equipment (turntable or RIAA preamplifiers) we recommend.


  RIAA (and inverse) filter for both the Analyzer and the Signalgenerator. #3017



For special filtering requirements, we offer the flexible filter plug-in.


  Filter designer #3016





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