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Automatic report from .wav or .mp3 files (Code: 3024)

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Automatic report from .wav or .mp3 files

With this module you can create automatic reports from audio files.

You can open and print the report using your browser, archiving, etc.
With a simple push of a button you get a full set of information in the form of signal statistics, graphs, tables.
The special feature of this module is, that you can create a single report of many audio files. This occurs for example when you have done a long-time recording e.g. for several weeks with our recording module. This recording consists of many individual files in order to circumvent the size limitation of some file systems. Additionally, such "huge files" are bulky. When recording in CD quality (1 channel) you get about 7.6 gigabytes every day. This could usefully be saved in pieces of 30min = 159MegaBytes. These are 48 files per day or 1440 files in one month.
This analysis module can automatically compile all these files in a chain if it would be a single virtual large file. This module can easily generate a report automatically over the entire period. The files can be connected virtually seamlessly, without any additional occupied space.

Even the standard version of our software can import audio files. These are handled as the signal coming from the sound card. All analysis tools are available and work in real-time. Conversely, however, this means that a 10min audio file will be processed in 10min. Therefore, we offer this plug-in which will process the audio file with the maximum available processing power. You also do not need to synchronize the analysis with the audio file. The calculation is basically exactly the length of the audio file.

The report includes automatically

  • File Information
  • For MP3 files, additional information including CRC
  • Signal statistics RMS, Peak etc.
  • Level-time curves graphically and in table
  • One-third octave spectrum
  • Spectrogram


  • Direct support for MP3 files files with variable data rate
  • No length limit
  • Wav files with 8-32 bit float and 32-bit a-law and μ-law
  • Multi-channel support
  • Support of calibration
  • Sample rates up to 192kHz

The following example is based from a short 4-channel .wav file.
On Channel 1 is a sine wave with 400 Hz, 1000 Hz with channel 2, channel 3 4000Hz, 10000Hz Channel 4

In this example, the song "Enjoy the Silence" by "Depeche Mode" from a MP3 file was analyzed. You can clearly see the band limit of 15kHz. In addition, errors are documented in the headers.

In this example, the song "Africa" by "Toto" was analyzed from a .wav file.

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