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Plug-in Psychoacoustics GMW18141 (Code: 3303028)

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Analysis according to GMW18141: Laboratory Evaluation of Mechanical Sounds Produced by Electrical Switches

This procedure describes a laboratory method for evaluating component sound quality metrics for automotive customer actuated switches.
It is apllicable for any physical switches used by vehicle occupants to actuate specific functions, such as toggle switches, push buttons, rockers, etc.


Akulap calculates the following parameters according to GMW18141 und GMW14155

  • Duration of the impulse
  • MAX peak Loudness/Sharpness
  • AVG average Loudness/Sharpness
  • RMS Loudness/Sharpness
  • RMS Loudness/Sharpness (area calculation) units are [sone  x ms] and [acum  x ms]


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