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Sound level calibrator AZ8930 incl. calibration certificate (Code: 7007)

Price: 125.00 EUR
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Sound level calibrator AZ8930 incl. calibration certificate

This inexpensive sound level calibrator is suitable for simple requirements where an accuracy of +/-1dB is sufficient.

This calibrator is priced well below the Center 326, which we have had on offer for many years. This is mainly due to the fact that this calibrator is uncontrolled. This means that only one loudspeaker is installed in the pressure chamber, but no reference microphone.

With the Center 326 and all other high-quality calibrators, the sound level in the pressure chamber is measured and re-adjusted using a reference microphone. This technology is not available on the ND9. Small changes in volume, e.g. if the microphone is not properly plugged in, will change the sound level.

We measure each AZ893 with our Bruel&Kjaer 4231 reference calibrator and guarantee an accuracy of +/-1 dB. You will receive a calibration certificate

Technical specifications:

  • sound level calibrator
  • Suitable for 1/2 inch microphones
  • Frequency 1kHz+/-1.7%
  • 94dB, 104dB and 114dB switchable
  • Deviation +/-0.4dB (after calibration by us)
  • Distortion factor <3%
  • Power supply 2x AA battery
  • Supplied with : gift box, instruction manual and calibration certificate

We offer an adapter for the widely used measurement microphone Beyerdynamik MM1 with a diameter of 9.5mm. We also offer e.g. Audix TM1 adapters and for other microphones.




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